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Work is a fundamental dimension of the quality of life and dignity of man and contributes to his psycho-physical health. Not only that, work is an important dimension for the aspirations of people to enjoy their rights, to be able to express themselves and be heard, to benefit from family stability and personal development, to see guaranteed justice and gender equality.

Unfortunately, factors such as discrimination and violence hinder the establishment of a positive link between work and human development, in some cases work becomes even a tool for serious violations of human rights, such as child labor, forced labor.

Even today many people in the world – but also in Italy – do not to have access to decent work, work in dangerous conditions and are at risk of abuse, insecurity, loss of freedom and autonomy. This applies in particular to young people, women, migrants, people with disabilities and other targets at risk of marginalization.

Soleterre implements programs to accompany work through guidance and training aimed at finding employment and for the birth and strengthening of micro-enterprise, giving preference where possible to the form of social and cooperative enterprise – providing tools, technical training and financial support.

Soleterre is a member of  Global Compact Network Italia