Soleterre: Coronavirus outbreak

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“We believe that when we are confronted with such an emergency, everyone should do their part. We need operators who can listen to, support and encourage people, helping them fighting against their fears and concerns”
– explains Damiano Rizzi, President of the Soleterre Foundation and clinical psychologist, actively involved in the COVID-19 emergency support.

At the hospital Policlinico San Matteo in Pavia, we continuously provide our psychological support activities in Pediatric Oncoemathology. Thanks to our experience, gained during wars and healthcare emergencies, we have managed to expand our team by 10 additional psychologists, to assist COVID-19 patients, their families and the doctors and nurses who treat them in the Emergencies, Intensive Care units and Infectious Diseases.


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Our support to the medical and healthcare staff

Medical and healthcare staff at the “Policlinico San Matteo” Hospital in Pavia are facing this huge emergency working tirelessly day and night in extremely difficult conditions. Meetings with the psychologists considerably help them to manage stress as well as their daily experiences on the ground.

Our support to infected patients and their relatives

Our team of psychologists is helping medical staff to manage relations with families. Within a short time, on the phone and in a hurry, doctors need to report patients’ medical status, their worsening and often their death, without even having the chance to get to know neither the patient nor his or her relatives. Psychologists are therefore crucial to act as a bridge or, whenever possible, to talk to the recovered patient and restoring some humanity.

Remote psychological support

At the same time, we have created a free helpline, via video or phone call, for anyone having a family member hospitalized with coronavirus at “Policlinico San Matteo” Hospital in Pavia. 
COVID-19 patients are very often isolated in intensive care units. Our goal is to give psychological support to their concerned families, who cannot meet their loved ones.

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